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But one of the other men caught up in those calls ended up being acquitted of all charges. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Nayef's new friends included Salafi Islamists who followed a strict interpretation of the Quran. For information about how to add references, see Template:Citation. Conspiring to commit a serious offence is also a crime in itself. Returning from Vietnam in 1971, 3 RAR was based at Woodside until it relocated to Holsworthy in 1981. I remember we used to play out in the street. MAHMOOD FAZAL: It took seven years for Nayef to make it back to Melbourne. HINA PASHA: it took a long time for me to understand what had actually gone on. Have we misread this person? MAHMOOD FAZAL: In the two years prior to Nayef's arrest the Australian Government spent 40 million dollars on community cohesion and countering violent extremism programs. REBECCA ANANIAN WALSH: The preparatory effect offence can get you life in prison. Funds for the chapel were raised by 'sappers', the equivalent in rank structure of an army 'private'. RM 2D2HNTR - Britain's Prince William tries on an Australian military slouch hat during a visit to the Holsworthy Army Barracks, southwest of Sydney, January 20, 2010. ALISON CALDWELL: none of the men had shown any remorse for their crimes nor had they abandoned their extremist views. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Dr Rebecca Ananian-Walsh is a Senior Lecturer with the TC Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland. The Chapel is non-denominational and is a place where civilians and military personnel alike can marry, worship or eulogise those that have passed from us. REBECCA ANANIAN WALSH: So there are a lot of very serious criminal offences, murder, rape and things like that, and never had we tried to or had a government tried to criminalise the preparation for that. Holsworthy is most notable for a large Australian Army reserve, Holsworthy Barracks, where training exercises are frequently carried out. MAHMOOD FAZAL: The conspiracy to prepare offence carried the same maximum sentence, but it was much easier to prosecute. In June 2020, Defence completed a detailed environmental investigation into the presence of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on and in the vicinity of Holsworthy Barracks. So the preparation and planning may be quite vague, and then orders come down from on high to kind of say, OK, we've picked a target, you're going today. And every time it would be like OK and then break down. He was sentenced for a crime that shocked Australia: the terrorist plot to attack Sydney's Holsworthy barracks. [7] Prime Minister Kevin Rudd later announced that the federal government had ordered a review of security at all military bases. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Peter Moroney says that when it comes to policing terrorism, there are always going to be heavy judgement calls about where we draw the line. It doesn't matter what you do or say. Holsworthy Barracks forms part of the Liverpool Military Area (LMA) which also consists of Joint Logistic Unit - East, Luscombe Airfield and Holsworthy Training Area. The barracks is part of the Holsworthy military reserve, which is 22,000ha (54,000-acre) training area and artillery range for the Australian Army, established in the 1880s and been in active use since World War I. The club said they had worked worked closely with the Holsworthy Army Barracks to launch the jersey. "Somali extremists on a 'fatwa order' from God", "Govt orders review of security at military bases", "Daily Telegraph journalists arrested at Holsworthy", Lower Georges Heights Commanding Position, Anti-motor torpedo boat defensive battery, Coastal defences of Australia during World War II, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Buildings and structures in New South Wales, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Aerial view of the barracks' helicopter facilities. TIM ROXBURGH: It was one of Australia's biggest counter-terrorism investigations, involving state and federal police, plus ASIO.. SIMON OVERLAND: potentially this would have been, if it had been able to be carried out uh the most serious terrorist attack on australian soil. It is unlawful for this call to be redirected occupied in a conference call. This includes information about the signs and symptoms of coronavirus, how to reduce the risk of catching the virus and what to do if you feel unwell. An entry to the Holsworthy Army Barracks. First established in the 1880s the base has been in active use since World War I. Archive links are also provided. Was the role of the other two or what and how did the jury decide on the mindset or the thought processes? MAHMOOD FAZAL: Fatima tells me she's been expecting Nayef to call. So when did what they were saying and doing cross the line into being something illegal? Looking to get in touch with AAFCANS?Contact us online or call any of our locationsOr find our store trading hours. PETER MORONEY: Anyone who says terrorism is black and white have clearly got no operational experience in how to actually practically investigate and undertake a terrorism matter. There are displays covering the role played by the RAE in Colonial Australia, to the participation and security success of the 2000 Olympic Games and the continuing work in remote and indigenous community developments. The chapel contains handwritten copies of the Honour Rolls for WWII and post-WWII, memorial plaques and Australian flags that hang in dedication to fallen sappers. That investigation ended because not enough evidence could be gathered to press charges. These things are multi-faceted and complicated, but it's also kind of why they work. Please improve this article by adding a reference. He was more distraught than my husband and I remember. Dean Lewins: AAP Topics: defence-forces , army , holsworthy-2173 contact the ABC Visitors 16 years and older must provide: government issued photographic id (Driver's licence, Passports, etc. They were few and far between. Phone: (02) 8782 8822 Email: A trainee soldier, driving a large Army vehicle, was still on his civilian L plates and had very little driver training before a fatal accident at the Holsworthy Army Barracks, a Sydney court has . He was charged with conspiracy to do an act in preparation for a terrorist attack. Even though the answer had been a 'no,' the fact that Nayef had asked the question, and his involvement in the group's discussions about a potential attack, was enough to see him convicted. As the museum is located within the Holsworthy Army Barracks, please observe these security restrictions: Open to the public: Tuesday & Thursday - 10.30am - 1.30pm MATT BROWN: There's a newspaper report this morning that talks about Holsworthy army base in Sydney. If you are waiting to hear back on your application or wish to discuss your recent application, please use the Local HQ finder which will give you the direct contact information for the local HQ who is processing your application. Authorities did not associate him with terrorism again until he orchestrated the 2017 Brighton siege, taking a hostage in a serviced apartment complex and murdering the complex clerk. So, in 2009 when Nayef el-Sayed was talking on the phone with that Sheikh in Somalia he'd already broken the law. Because of that there's no evidence like bombs, weapons, fingerprints, blueprints of a target -- to present to a jury. Something that police,intelligence, prosecutors, and lawmakers have to weigh up every time they make decisions about how to deal with terrorism cases. More than a dozen people were sentenced as part of that counter terrorism operation. I've given Nayef eye contact, don't fall for it, and then he'll say yeah na I do miss her, I want to see her. A born again Muslim, Wissam had become radicalised following the global outcry over a Danish cartoon depiction of the prophet Mohammed. That I understood that you could be persecuted, or you could be charged and put on trial for thinking something, your thoughts. There's something else that's caused controversy about Nayef's case. A tour of the museum encompasses the main display building, the diorama display, examples of equipment used for gap crossing and the many large items of engineer plant and armoured vehicles developed not only for construction tasks but also for land clearing and land mine destruction and clearance. How that was. How a conspiracy and a question led to 18 years jail. All five were identified as having attended the Preston Mosque, in Melbourne's northern suburbs. This includes information about the signs and symptoms of coronavirus, how to reduce the risk of catching the virus and what to do if you feel unwell. Following World War II it became a major base for the permanent component of the Australian Army in New South Wales. Kids being Parents are picking up their kids pieces, body body parts after an explosion.And the biggest thing to me was that, how did you get this? Now this was one singular phone call asking that question, to which the response was no. So in 2005, the first big terrorism case came before the courts, and the prosecutors took a more conventional route. Holsworthy Barracks precinct, located within the Liverpool Military Area. "The soldiers on the jersey simply depict the modern-day soldier serving in a desert environment. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Do you think that strategy is keeping us safe? "I dont think other youth organisations can really compare". FATIMA EL SAYED: as soon as he saidI said hello. Holsworthy Barracks forms part of the Liverpool Military Area (LMA) which also consists of Joint Logistic Unit East, Luscombe Airfield and Holsworthy Training Area. FATIMA EL SAYED: He tried to show us that he had it all in control and that he could handle it. [19], Abdirahman Ahmed and Yacqub Khayre were acquitted. That made it so noticeable, but he was probably 100 times more radicalised than before I left. FATIMA EL SAYED: When Nayef started going to Preston Mosque, the first person that he immediately found or made a connexion with was Wissam Fattal. TIM ROXBURGH: For weeks Nayef had been noticing men watching and following him. Then there's another phone call referred to in the sentencing. The links below provide detailed information about a range of Council venues. Over hundreds of years of the development of the criminal justice system, we'd criminalised attempted murder, conspiracy to murder those kinds of things, but never preparation. . It was launched in late January 2009. You do not wish to accept this call. On 4 August 2009, five men from Melbourne, Victoria, were charged over the Holsworthy Barracks terror plot, a plan to storm the barracks with automatic weapons, and shoot anyone they encountered until they themselves were killed or captured. One, two, three, four different cars just kept on driving past. FATIMA EL SAYED: The first thing that shocked me was that he was driving without headlights. But no weapons or explosives were recovered in the raids. And I honestly think that that's the main reason why they. Why it appealed to them to have this narrative as as victims and that we need to defend our honour, our territory and everything. For a near-20 year sentence the plan he'd made was surprisingly half-baked. If you are worried about a child, you can contact the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000 or will be able to give you advice. The more that you argue with people that are radicalised, the more that you convince them that their viewpoint is right, and that's the biggest thing I found with Nayef. He was a member of the Terrorism Investigation Squad that led to Benbrika's arrest and he designed the NSW Police Terrorism Investigation Training Course. And the pictures they would use. However, it is inevitable that on a few occasions, concerns may arise that require investigation. FATIMA EL SAYED: Nayef, he was so gullible as a child, my dad would sit there and say, Do you miss your mom? TIM ROXBURGH: His car sped across the front lawn, and came to a stop just in front of her. He was also charged with aiding the commission of an offence by Walid Osman Mohamed in Somalia and preparing for incursions into Somalia for the purposes of engaging in hostile activities. FATIMA EL SAYED: finishes the call saying bye or something MAHMOOD FAZAL: Fatima says the Nayef she speaks to in prison, is now the same one she knew from her childhood. He said it was not permissible to launch an attack because that would lead to negative repercussions for Muslims in Australia. This form is not to be used for recruitment enquiries, these should be directed to the local region you are in. ex display range cookers; somerset county, pa magistrate reports; market segmentation disadvantages; saroj khan daughter death; two in the thoughts one in the prayers meme Visits at other times are available by appointment. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Fatima understood what was happening and tried to snap her brother out of it. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Peter Moroney is a former detective sergeant with the New South Wales Police. There was Nayef's military photos that were pull over the front pages. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Despite the eventually successful prosecution of Benbrika Dr Ananian-Walsh says lawyers learnt a lesson that changed the way terrorism was prosecuted forever. Holsworthy Barracks (ICAO: YSHW) is an Australian Army military barracks, located in the Heathcote National Park in Holsworthy approximately 25km (16mi) from the central business district, in south-western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Phone: (02) 8108 5054 Email: FATIMA EL SAYED: It frustrated me so much to see how he was changing. This is something you can only speculate about. The law actually won't kick in and send them to jail for 20 years until quite a way down the track, because it gives them the chance to change their minds and pull out and do something different. Visitors can learn about the history of the RAE, see equipment and artefacts at home and overseas. By Xinhua Published: May 01, 2023 04:04 PM. For information about local detachment open times, please visit your local HQ page. [15] delivered at the Australian Christian Nation Association Annual National Conference held on 21 November 2009 at the Assyrian Sport and Cultural Club, Fairfield Heights, Sydney. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Little did Nayef know but his group of new friends had been infiltrated. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Hina says the case against Nayef was unusual for a couple of reasons. TIM ROXBURGH: Fatima reached out and placed a hand on her brother's chest. FATIMA EL SAYED: I clearly remember him and I just sitting in the backyard, laying on the grass, looking at the sky, and we would. he would just daydream and talk about how we were going to be when we're older and we're always going to be together. But back in 2010 After the jury's verdict it was Nayef el Sayed, not this other guy who got locked up. Please improve this article by adding a reference. [10], At his arraignment, Wissam Mahmoud Fattal refused to rise for magistrate Peter Reardon, saying that he would not rise to his feet for anyone but Allah. On the day you will have the chance to check out: -Explosive detection dog display, -Engineering display (bridge building). And it's not just Fatima who has questions. More. They speak for a bit longer, then hang up. Please visit our dedicated complaints page for the full process. I knew that he was broken. It is a heavy burden that you carry, as in terms of, do we move now or do we wait? Lua error in Module:Location_map at line 510: Unable to find the specified location map definition: "Module:Location map/data/New South Wales" does not exist. when all of a sudden the silhouette of a car appeared out of nowhere. Three days later, he made a cryptic phone call to Nayef Where the two talked loosely about what they called 'work'. You can contact their local HQ which can pass on any message you may have. For more info see [5] On 6 August 2009, a Daily Telegraph reporter and photographer were charged with taking a photograph of a defence installation after being granted entry to the military base.[6]. Care to share feedback on your experience?We would love to hear from you! It's. You're talking about physical abuse, emotional abuse. View our current corporate governance documents online such as our annual report, corporate plan, policies and more! If you haven't heard it already, go back and take a listen if you want an exclusive peak inside the secretive world of offshore financial flows. You could be going to jail for life. We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the community and the Australian Defence Force. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Nayef had fallen in with a fringe group of hardliners. I asked him why terrorism offences are treated differently to other crimes. [14], Evangelical church reverend Danny Nalliah planned to use the plot as an argument to explain that Christianity should be protected "as the core value of the nation" in his speech titled Is the West being de-Christianised? It's very grey. Fattal can be deported on his release from jail, but his co-conspirators are Australian citizens. FATIMA EL SAYED: And I remember clearly that once he jumped out of the car, it was. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Fatima couldn't believe it. MAHMOOD FAZAL: It seemed like every time Fatima turned away, Nayef had become more radical. And like me she's had to wade through the mountains of court documents relating to Nayef el-Sayed's case. This story starts on a winter's night in Melbourne's Northern suburbs. Its overall area is approximately 19,672 ha. [12], On 9 August 2009, the opposition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis called for al-Shabaab to be listed as a terrorist organisation in Australia;[13] this was done. MAHMOOD FAZAL: When Nayef was 15, his dad sent him and his younger brother on a so-called "holiday" to Lebanon. It does beg the question well. Not so much about whether he was guilty. So back in 2002, and they did that in some pretty normal ways, and they did that in some pretty unusual ways, and the most unusual way was introducing a preparatory offence. SorryMAHMOOD FAZAL: For Nayef's sister Fatima the day he lost this case is clearly etched in her mind. EMILY BOURKE: there are fears of a backlash against Somalis and other Muslims living in Australia FATIMA EL SAYED: The words that they would use. 6 comments. It was. PETER MORONEY: I think it goes to a logical sense that we would rather be arresting and charging for acts in preparation for committing a terrorism incident as opposed to the after effect only the device being detonated or the the knife attack or the gun attack occurring. 1300 DEFENCE. REBECCA ANANIAN WALSH: certainly having strong offences will contribute to keeping us safe, but is prosecuting actions at such an early stage, not giving anyone the chance to change their minds and instead reacting to that with you go to jail for 20 years actually keeping us safe? The reserve is adjacent to Heathcote Road, which connects to Bankstown, Liverpool, Lucas Heights, Engadine and Heathcote. Nayef had begun to notice the police attention but according to Fatima, he didn't believe he'd done anything illegal. Back with you every week now after we took a little break when we released our three part series Untouchable Assets. He's taller. Nayef wasn't convicted of committing an act of terrorism, he wasn't even convicted of conspiracy to engage in an act of terrorism. may earn a commission for any sales placed through links on this free web site. No one is picking up the phone listed as the main contact number on the DOD website. Dust and mud could be a problem in the camp, depending upon the weather conditions. And the conspiracy charges themselves she says they put juries in a tough spot when it comes to deciding guilt. It was that initial of going to the mosque to pray for the deceased, and he clicked with a few people at the mosque and then from there on he started going to the mosque on Fridays. If two people were just talking and said, Oh, I could, let's let's kill that person. Qantas leaders speak after announcingAlan Joyce's successor as chief executive, Follow our live blog for the latest from the Met Gala, Keep up with the latest ASX and business news. MAHMOOD FAZAL: It's at this point that Nayef was charged with "conspiracy to do an act in preparation for a terrorist attack.". Lua error in Module:Location_map at line 510: Unable to find the specified location map definition: "Module:Location map/data/New South Wales" does not exist.Location in New South Wales. Keep up-to-date on special offers, the latest meal deals and exclusive promotions! For any matter relating to the ACF, including Regulations or Policies the issue may be raised via Regional Command, Cadet Branch, please complete the below form. REBECCA ANANIAN WALSH: even if you accepted that some preparatory acts need to be criminalised, we'd never gone further than that to think just agreeing with someone else to do something to maybe prepare for some other future act that in itself should be criminalised. This lists airports in Australia with scheduled passenger services. "[11], During the trial, 26-year-old Saney Edow Aweys of Carlton North was one of the three men applying for bail in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court. PFAS Investigation & Management. Put in evidence ultimately for the jury to hear is phenomenal. MAHMOOD FAZAL: She even confronted Nayef directly about his extreme thinking. MAHMOOD FAZAL: Almost every lawyer I've spoken to who was involved in these trials has been deeply affected by the outcome. Please note: Staff will be adhering to up to date health guidelines. But Hina Pasha says they don't actually prove that Nayef would do anything in the future. Dr Ananian-Walsh says cases like Nayef el-Sayed's illustrate a missed opportunity. [1], Following the movement of many units of the Regular Army to Darwin, Northern Territory, in the late 1990s, many Army Reserve units were moved from other depots to Holsworthy Barracks, including the Headquarters of the 5th Brigade.[3][4]. What happened from that point on, whether he had a change of heart, whether he listened to the sheikh, none of that mattered. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. ]It's sad that someone needs to go to jail to understand the religion or study their religion properly. The streets between the barracks were 10 feet (three metres) wide and every fourth street was ( 33 feet (seven metres) wide. As a not-for-profit Defence organisation, any additional funds made goes back to Defence and our customers through disbursements, price cuts and facility improvements. FATIMA EL SAYED: I remember clearly at the time, all of us saying, be careful you're being surveillanced Nayef. MAHMOOD FAZAL: At one point, religious leaders from the Preston Mosque even came to speak with Fatima and her family about Nayef. "Defence can confirm that a person working at Holsworthy Barracks has tested positive for COVID-19," the spokesman said. Grizzly Tools; bret bielema house illinois. In one of the intercepts referred to in the judge's sentencing remarks, Nayef's friend says the black saturday fires which killed 173 Victorians were Allah's will Another of his friends the kickboxer Wissam Fattal was seen visiting the train station at the entrance to the Holsworthy Army barracks where signs on the tall spiky fence warn against trespassing on military property. If we get it wrong, the risk is exceptionally great to a loss of life. Collins Barracks (Irish: Dn U Choilein) is a military barracks on the Old Youghal Road on the north side of Cork in Ireland. Holsworthy Barracks is also the staging location for domestic operations in NSW and covers almost 20,000 hectares. Come on, you can trust me. [4] Then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd later announced that the federal government had ordered a review of security at all military bases. Activities carried out on the base include the use of firing ranges, chemical weapons testing, fire training, vehicle maintenance, and bulk chemical storage and distribution from numerous above ground and underground storage tanks. REBECCA ANANIAN WALSH: One of the first tranches of terrorism laws to be introduced just criminalised terrorism. The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) marks its 75th anniversary on 1 April and weve been delving into the archives to explore the fascinating history of this fantastic youth movement, which has transformed the lives of so many young people through the decades. You can also raise a concern to your Army Cadet Local HQ you can find a list of local HQs here. As the ringleader, Benbrika was sentenced to 15 years in jail. How they were supposed to get together is unclear. FATIMA EL SAYED: The biggest thing that.that I felt was a turning point for him was I gave birth to a stillborn daughter. [17], An editorial in The Daily Telegraph called attention to the wider problem of terrorism emanating from the "ungoverned," but heavily Islamist territory of Somalia. The shores of the Cedar. He developed drug problems and was in and out of jail. NEIGHBOUR: it's a shock because you wouldn't think that you've got a potential terrorist living on your street. Liverpool City Council recognises the importance of sustainability. Yeah. Now, at the time that was introduced, academics literally called it ludicrous. For information about local detachment open times, please visit your, To find out how we use your data please see our. One of the more amusing things in there back in the day was smoking. Usually, the criminal justice system is designed to allow people to change their minds. His name was Yacqub Khayre and he had an extensive criminal record. Originally serving as a British military barracks from the early 19th century, it was handed-over to the Irish military following the Irish War of Independence , and remains the headquarters of the 1st Brigade of . MAHMOOD FAZAL: From 2008 onwards the conspiracy charge became the preferred charge for prosecutors and police. Or if you need to contact our Army Cadet Safeguarding Hub, please complete the below form. Apart from offshore financial centres, the other thing we've been investigating this year is the long list of terrorism laws that have been introduced since the September 11 attacks in the US 20 years ago now. Your information is being handled in accordance with the. PETER MORONEY: if you look at a conspir.a person conspiring to commit murder that is likely to be an individual. FATIMA EL SAYED: Akhi I'm talking to the journalist MAHMOOD FAZAL: Nayef isn't supposed to talk to journalists so he quickly hangs up the phone. I honestly felt it was to paint a picture of this monster, and it did. She says any suggestion otherwise is misguided and out of step with community expectations. So Mahmood, how did you start looking at Nayef El-Sayed's case and talking to his sister, Fatima? Why do we criminalise the preparation of a terrorist act, but not the vast majority of of other crimes? And I go to him, "you nearly ran me over, why would you drive without headlights?" Your recently viewed content will appear here, ARMY Following World War II, it became a major base for the permanent component of the Australian Army in New South Wales. Looking back before he got arrested, if he knew that this could be the outcome. Liverpool City Council provides and manages venues to benefit the local community. HINA PASHA: his strength of character was something that I found profound because he was never, from what I understand, ever convicted of any criminal offence previously. My ex-husband is best friends with uhm the imam or the sheikh there that was in charge at Preston mosque and there was another sheikh there; They would come over every few days. Following the movement of many units . Dr Ananian Walsh says on top of this these once-rare preparatory offences are becoming more common. The alleged target was the Holsworthy army barracks in Sydney. HINA PASHA: You know, obviously Victorians were impacted greatly by the numerous people who died in the bushfires at that time. Best. Holsworthy Barracks (ICAO: YSHW) is located in the outer south-western Sydney suburb of Holsworthy. Being part of Defence, we put loyalty on a pedestal. He was looking for that. All five had been part of the same religious "reading group" at the small mosque. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. View all Australian Government Department of Defence jobs - Holsworthy jobs - Army Familiarisation jobs in Holsworthy NSW FATIMA EL SAYED: the people that he was hanging out with at the mosque gave him that sense of brotherhood. Terrorism law doesn't. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. . Australian Army Museum of Military Engineering Holsworthy Barracks, Alec Campbell Drive, Holsworthy, NSW 2173. If you would like to express either your or your child's interest in joining the Army Cadets, please head over to our joining section. Military Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Liverpool City Council is committed to building quality communities and creating a bright future for Liverpool. View AAFCANS compliance information online. Why do you think that's necessary. Hang up now. Together, they drifted deeper down the rabbit hole. Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) products, which contain PFAS, have historically been used at We are working towards fostering a partnership with our community to protect, support and conserve our natural resources and environment. To ensure that our community gets the most out of living, working and playing in Liverpool, Liverpool City Council supports a range of programs and dedicated staff to help meet the needs of all of our people. Activities carried out on the base include the use of firing ranges, chemical weapons testing, fire training, vehicle maintenance, and bulk chemical storage and distribution from numerous above ground and underground storage tanks.

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