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Marilyn and John reach the point of no return. Mac and Aris relationship deepens. UK viewers are currently around 2 months behind Australian airings of Home and Away, and will see these scenes on Tuesday 21st March. Colbys thrown to learn about Mac and Ari. Good job my little amigo @river.andhiscurls. Roo cant explain what her eyes see. A new arrival into town divides the Parata family. Will Ziggy move out of Deans place? Kirby refuses to be a charity case. Amber and Dean butt heads. Ryder and Evan share a deeply emotional moment. 19K Followers, 283 Following, 211 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from River Jarvis (@river.andhiscurls) Bella and Nikau take one step forward and two steps back. Maggie fears shes made things worse for her marriage. Colby and Bella are given a reality check by a grieving Jasmine. Can Ari and Mia get past their baby reservations? Justin has a proposal for Leah. Marilyn struggles to find direction. Ari pulls the rug from under Mac. Dean returns to face the music. Dean fights for his son. She has begun seeing him in various places, talking to the illusion she has created in her head that her son keeps sneaking back to see her. If you're after a little cuteness overload to break up your afternoon, look no further. See also Other Works | Publicity Listings | Official Sites View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro When Ziggy discovers that Amber has gone, Tane encourages her to go and comfort her ex, putting his own concerns aside as he knows how important their friendship still is to her. The next morning they wake up in bed together and Tane confides in her about how he doubts his ability to keep the family together. However, Amber wants them to spend one final night together in Deans room. As we rejoin the action in the UK next week, Dean begins to accept that he may lose his son once and for all. Next weeks episode sees the pair try to hatch a plan to get rid of Karen but before they can, Ziggy go into labour! Jasmine forces Colby to answer some tough questions. Justin reconsiders his options. Angelo's snooping reverberates through the Bay. Ari and Tanes clash reaches boiling point. But River, he's a really talented kid. He comes up with a proposal why doesnt Amber simply move into his place with their son? Mackenzie has a plan to get rid of Leon. Karen is confused by the hurry, but then Brett appears behind them. The Paratas must swallow their pride. Mackenzie is outraged that her brother took action without consulting her, and goes to the motel to fight for her relationship only to be confronted by Neve and Logan kissing on the sofa, Terminally ill Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo updates on cancer fight, Disturbing discovery, surprise departure and shocking news in Home and Away, Kirby discovers Avas disturbing secret about Theo in Home and Away. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll email you once a week with the latest Rust Publishing Ltd, 103 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5NZ. Home and Away spoilers: Bella returns to the Bay is there hope for Nikau? Dean has an invitation for Ziggy. Ziggy and Ben finally see the positive in their life. Its a year thats seen him lose Ziggy, Colby, Willow, and now Amber and Jai too. Tane and Ari team up. You want the family, but you dont want me. Dean can't stand the thought of being so far from his young son. Then, just a few short months after Dean was reunited with his son, hes forced to say goodbye. Bella takes a timely photo. Fans had a shock when young Jai became ill earlier this year, with his parents Dean and Amber fretting over their son. Ari and Tane consider their options. Alex and Willow have big decisions to make. However, she isnt ready for the bombshell Mac drops next shes pregnant, and Ari has no idea he could be a father. This week on Home and Away, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) is surprised by Karen's (Georgia Adamson) response to the news that she can't see Jai (River Jarvis). Willow starts to crack. Jasmine and Tori begin rebuilding. Tane and Ari reconcile their differences. Coming to terms with things, Amber starts putting things right. Alf asks questions he doesnt want answers to. Jasmine struggles with grief. Colby lodges a formal complaint. From Catherine, to Princess Diana and even the Queen, Goodbye jungle, hello DIY: Dr Chris Brown's new show announced, After 16 years of marriage, Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban still look like love-struck teenagers, Celebrities who died in 2023: All the stars we lost this year, From a troubled past to MasterChef judge and family man: Jock Zonfrillo's incredible life story, Everything you need to know about MasterChef Australia: Secrets & Surprises, Fans share heartbreak following Moana Hope and wife Isabella's speculated break up, Why MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo wore an unusual accessory which he "always" kept in his pocket, EXCLUSIVE: Jock Zonfrillo on why he 'spilled his guts' to his wife Lauren on their first date, "I was lost before Lauren": Jock Zonfrillo on how his many highs and lows ultimately led him to love and family, Sam Mac reveals why little Margot is an even bigger "diva" than him, Where to watch the coronation of King Charles III in Australia, Tributes flow following the passing of MasterChef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo at age 46. The bikies are back with a vengeance. River Jarvis is known for Sweet Tooth (2021), Home and Away (1988) and Reef School (2022). Johns latest hobby hits a nerve. Alf and Martha make great strides together. Ive come to help.. Angelo applies the pressure. Next week's episodes on UK screens see Dean's life change forever, as his old. Marilyn struggles to let go. After agreeing that its time to focus on providing a united front for their sons sake, Dean is thrilled that the pair will be moving back permanently. Ziggy falls deeper into trouble. Martha grapples with life in The Bay. ", Related: 11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week. Roo and Owen share a moment. Its a bittersweet day for Justin and Ava. However, Chloe cant keep up her appearances and reveals how shes feeling because she got Ari locked up, she considers herself responsible for breaking Mias heart, Karen has been focusing on the news that she has a grandson, but both Dean and Ziggy have been trying relentlessly to get her to speak more about this Brett shes running away from. Leahs determination to find Susie causes problems with her relationship. Tori makes a challenging decision. Both are devastated to leave each other; its not exactly what either of them want. And just like that, they drive off, leaving Dean more alone in Summer Bay than hes ever been. Digital Spy now has a newsletter sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers. Dean is sick of Bellas attitude and gives her a reality check. An unexpected visitor has Ryders life in a spin. Angelo digs around. Jasmine lets it all out. Irene is deeply troubled. Lewis is dealing with the aftermath of Christians apology, realising its time for him to move on from the grief and anger he has been feeling for the past few years. Aris conflicted about his past. Tori faces every mothers worst nightmare. Colby faces a difficult dilemma with Bella. Nikau tries to plan a new date for Bella. After receiving bad news, Gemma refuses to accept more charity. Will Angelo and Taylor hit the road? Jasmines grief over Robbo continues. Martha returns to Merimbula. In the final scenes of the episode, as Dean was back at the farmhouse with Ziggy, Karen walked through the door, exclaiming oh, look at you! as she came face to face with pregnant Ziggy for the first time. Gemma makes big family plans. Can Angelo and Taylor rekindle their relationship? Home and Away spoilers follow from Australian episodes, which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid. John finally receives some promising news. Nikau worries when his mum doesnt come home. Marilyn blames herself for Johns condition. Ryder puts his friendship with Bella on the line when he sees her heading for a fall. Is Cash and Edens love story over? As she looked at Dean, exclaiming hey Deano, the look on her sons face said it all. Dean's attempt to introduce Jai to his Mum receives an unexpected roadblock. Explaining it openly and honestly in an emotional conversation on the beach, Amber tells him that its because they just dont love each other in that way. Justin worries if Leah is strong enough to get through another trauma. The Paratas struggle to put a roof over their heads. Home and Away has confirmed that Jai Simmons is returning to Summer Bay in a preview posted to their Instagram page. Word spreads around town and soon friends come to say their goodbyes. The Parata men farewell Mikaere in a deeply spiritual way.Ziggy receives a generous offer. Distressed, Bella is comforted by Mackenzie and Ari. She had been offered a dream job in Northern Queensland, a 21-hour drive away, and was moving in only a week's time. Jasmine begins to develop unusual behaviour. Plus, Martha (Belinda Giblin) makes plans to hide her estranged son Kieran (Rick Donald) in a spare caravan. Heres whats coming up on Home and Away for the week beginning Monday March 28. Tori refuses to accept fault. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Ari orders Tane to stay away from the family. Dean faces his first challenge as a parent. Ziggy is forced to grab Dean and Karens attention as they bicker in the farmhouse Hello, pregnant woman in labour over here! she calls out, prompting an excited squeal from Karen. Karen is overjoyed but this turns to elation when John pulls up in the Polaris. Mackenzies blind date is not what she expected. Sparks fly between Marilyn and John. Dean and Jai are missing. And his on-screen dad Patrick O'Connor and young River also share a special bond. Will Gemma be able to get John to see sense? It was months before Dean could bring himself to tell Karen that he had a son, and even longer before Amber finally agreed to let Karen and Jai meet. All rights reserved. Jasmine bends the truth.John returns home. We finished filming around 4pm and it was normal until my last scene, where Dean was handing the board shop to Mali. Angelo exposes the truth. Tori reads into a situation. Maggie is blackmailed into a compromising position. Behind the scenes, River looks like he brings plenty of joy to the case and crew of Home and Away. Yes, it's true Summer Bay's golden couple are saying goodbye. Dean explodes when he learns Bella and Nikau stole his car. Aware Colby is struggling, Roo and Maggie step up to help Bella. Justins future looks bright. Maggie tells Roo her big secret. Jasmines guilt prevents her from moving forward. Tane promises Mac hell back off. Taylor visits Colby. Dean, just tell me, are you or are you not still in love with Ziggy?, Hesitating but knowing he cant lie, he answers. Yes, I am., Theyre the words Dean has been dreading, and it hits him like a brick. She berates her for the little texts, the constant meetups, asking Ziggy why she doesnt just go and get her own life instead of trying to steal hers. Ziggy covers for Tane. Gemma and Bens families make navigating their feelings all the more tricky. Bella struggles while Colby and Dean begin to fracture. Justin makes the toughest decision. Has Jasmine misjudged their entire relationship? Gemma, Ari, Tane and Nikau begin their journey. Heres whats coming up on Home and Away this week. Colby hears some hard home truths from his friends. It's been amazing to be part of" Patrick adds: "This show is a powerhouse, and the fans are so crucial to it. Is Dean ready for the ultimate responsibility? Marilyn worries shes done the wrong thing by Tori. Amber arrives in the Bay. Angelo has a witness. Jai left a few . Maggie gives her husband an ultimatum. Owen wants to learn more about his family. Tane isn't impressed Felicity didn't tell him her brother was . Ari discovers Mac is hiding something. Bens troubles have become a lot worse. Dean was initially stunned at the news he had a son, but soon embraced it and quickly discovered just how much he loved being a father. Justins surgery is imminent. Johns worst nightmare comes to life. "Good job my little amigo @river.andhiscurls" Goodbye, Amber and Jai, we'll miss you. After the two enemies refuse lunch, Bella drags them out to Yabbie Creek for a big night out. Mackenzie is starting to feel the absence of Colby. Ziggy and Dean meet their newborn baby. Bella's farewell is full of surprises. Colby and Bella receive grave news. What a ride, he posted on his feed. Justin gets a harrowing insight into Leahs behaviour. Willow and Jasmines friendship is tested. But, challenges Theo, what part does Alf himself have to play in it? Colby throws a divorce party which ends in disaster. They run into each other at the gym, and the sexual tension is clear. Jasmine takes matters into her own hands. Willow and Ziggy hatch a plan. Marilyn and John make hard decisions about their marriage. Tori's date is disastrous. What will that mean for Dean and his son? Keep up to date with all the latest Home and Away and Neighbours spoilers and sign up to our weekly newsletter. Bella is relieved to finally be released from the hospital. Colby prepares for the inevitable. Maggie and Roo begin their own missing persons case for Leah. Tane does a good deed. Roo has a change of heart. However, Susie quickly interjects, saying he doesnt believe its any of her business. Sign up to the Back to the Bay newsletter and receive weekly news and spoilers direct to your inbox. Home and Away star Patrick O'Connor has revealed that it was his idea to give Dean Thompson a secret son storyline. Toris heartbroken when Justin shares more bad news. Tane's in hot water. Nikau calls Tane out. Marilyn works through her new normal. Justin is unsure if his symptoms are imaginary or real. Power goes to Marilyns head. Will the revelation change how Ziggy feels? Nikau plans to move. Read more Home and Away spoilers on our dedicated homepage. (Image credit: Endemol Shine) To forget his heartache, Tane hit the town and ended up going home with Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) and as he tried to sneak out of the house he bumped into her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright). Bella and Nikau are growing increasingly irritated with Chloe and Ryders constant bickering, struggling to understand how two people can hate each other so much. Theo and Justin prepare themselves for a day in court, and its clear Theo is uncharacteristically nervous. Tori and Christian clash over Jasmine. And you can't come to Summer Bay and not spend time with grandpa Alf. She helped John through his rehab when she first arrived in the bay, and now its his turn to return the favour by helping her through this dilemma. Dean and Karen have always had a tumultuous relationship, primarily down to her erratic behaviour during his childhood, and her reluctance to seek help for her mental health issues. River Jarvis (born 2017) is a young Australian actor who played Jai Simmons intermittently from 2020 to 2023. Sadly, it seems that Ziggy and Dean may decide that the baby is a good excuse for a fresh . Ziggy doesnt cope with the news of her parents. Will Bella reveal too much during her counselling? Ben and Maggies adventure is imminent. Marilyn continues to find ways to be useful. Owens persistence pays off. Amber tries to understand Colbys decision. As they head back to the flat for one final night as the family, Dean offers to take the sofa. Bella seeks refuge in Nikau. Dean knows hes losing the one thing he loves. Want up-to-the-minute soaps news, spoilers and gossip on your social feeds? As the terrified mum-to-be goes into labour, Dean is left to tend to his mother, who has set up camp at the birthing suite. This show chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heartbreaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town just outside of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Ryder refuses to let the past in. Just another site river jarvis home and away parents Are Dean and Ziggy heading into the friend-zone? Willow and Amber have a wild night out. Will Tane's perceived grievances cause him to do something stupid? Is Dean too broken to return to his old life? Read more on the upcoming arrivals and departures here. Tori reacts unexpectedly. Is Tanes advice the only thing Ziggy wants? John proves a wise head for Nikaus young shoulders. Dean wants to take Ziggy away. Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) first discovered she was pregnant back in September last year, just as her surf career was taking off. Nikau's choices are confusing. But Dean sheepishly leaves his sister Mackenzie (. Maggie looks to help others anyway she can. Ziggy is amazed that Amber would leave because she still thought there was something between them shes making stuff up in her head and using it as an excuse. The pair were looking forward to Izzy meeting her big brother, 8-year-old Jai (River Jarvis), last week when Dean received shocking news from Jai's mother Amber (Maddy Jevic). Roo tries to accept her grief. Jade latest trap backfires. Taylor and Colby are interrupted. Marilyn struggles with being kept away from a recovering John. Willows concerned with how Alex is processing her trauma after the siege. Im not her, Dean, and I never will be.. What now for Willow and Alex? Sat with Tori, he is devastated to remember the day it happened but Tori discovers a further detail. He certainly made a startling impression on Dean - and the rest of Summer Bay's locale. Mia quickly regroups, coming up with another way to have a wedding, and she tries to get her daughter enthused by suggesting a shopping trip for dresses. Ari pushes Mac for an answer. Justin finds it hard to hear the details of Leahs impact statement. Can a bit of forced intervention save Nikau and Bella? Next week's episodes on UK screens see Dean's life change forever, as his old flame Amber Simmons (Madeleine Jevic) tells him that she has a son and he's the father. Johns gossiping gets more than just himself in trouble. Justin is devastated as Leahs photo leads to more questions than answers. Bella shocks Colby with the prospect of leaving school. Ryders attempts to warn Nikau about Jade fail. Colby has two active investigations on his hands. Angelo closes in on Bella. sweet potato sushi roll calories. Bella is next in the line-up. Sign-up to the latest news from Now To Love, delivered straight to your inbox. Willow reflects on all her failing friendships. A drunken tarot card reading goes awry. Ryder deals with the news of his father. Marilyns friendship with Ari gets under Johns skin. Justins forgetful nature seems out of character. Will Jasmine visit Colby in prison? Bens presence at the hangi causes upset. Do not sell or share my personal information. Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 (Australia). Jasmine progresses positively. Macs concern boils over. Elsewhere, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) finish their camping trip and return to the Bay with a fresh outlook on the situation with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams). Will Mackenzie be able to drive home her plan? Bella starts to accept her need for counselling. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Will Roo get the closure she needs? A grief-stricken Tori and Justin continue to clash over Masons funeral arrangements. Home and Away Spoilers Will Ziggy and Dean leave everything behind? Roo and Owen seek new adventures. Johns concerned that the Paratas are taking advantage of Marilyns charity. Justin has to decide what he will tell his daughter. Photo from Home And Away Spoilers (Definitive and Global) on Facebook. Marilyn and John struggle to see eye to eye. Ziggy hides her disappointment. Dean and Marilyn unwittingly threaten to blow the Paratas secrets. . Tori prepares for Graces birthday party. Roo accuses Evan of setting Ryder up for a massive fall. Thank you.''. Mack, Ari and Tane search for a needle in a haystack. How will Tori broach Justin? Evan and Ryders bond is put to the test. Alf and Marthas special moment. Dean finally hears the word hes been waiting to hear. I had to turn away from the camera because I was quite upset.''. In attempting to help Colby, Taylor makes a mistake. Johns worried about Marilyns safety. Home and Away spoilers: Chloe makes a huge mistake, Home and Away spoilers: Drunk Marilyn falls down the stairs, Do not sell or share my personal information. Colby builds a cunning plan. Jasmine faces her fears. Bella cant find Dean. Privacy Policy, Disturbing discovery, surprise departure and shocking news: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers, Home and Away spoilers: Kirby discovers Avas disturbing secret about Theo, Home and Away spoilers: Gabe receives life-changing diagnosis. Tori protests there's nothing going on between her and Christian. Macs devastation is deep. Tori draws a line in the sand. Taylor's in too deep. Ari attempts to buoy Tane's mood. Ben throws caution to the wind for the sake of his family. The Shaws arrive back in the Bay. Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) sees Mackenzie crying on the sofa when she returns home and is shocked to discover that Ari has left her. How can he keep his family together? ''The last day was so emotional. But will this be enough for whats to come? Martha is finally honest with Alf. Alf suspects a River Boy in Summer Bay. Tori hits a roadblock. Johns ultimatum backfires. Jasmine questions her place. Mackenzie is forced to rethink her feelings for Colby. Has Ari pushed Nikau too far? Mackenzie faces the music with Tane. Mac confronts Dean. Justins smothering pushes Leah to breaking point. How is this kid gonna remember all these words and then be able to do it?!' On this weeksHome and Away in the UK, Dean and Amber finally admit the truth to their situation, leading to Dean saying goodbye to his son once again. With this in mind, he goes to see Felicity, who is surprised but elated to have him back. Colby is falling deeper. Bellas newfound independence inspires everyone. While she was initially unsure whether she wanted to have the baby, Dean (Patrick OConnor) was over the moon not only was he excited to give his son Jai (River Jarvis) a little brother or sister, but it meant he could experience the full extent of parenthood, having not known of Jais existence for the first five years of his life. Dean, now broken up from Ziggy, was delighted to have his son back, and realised he finally had a chance of happiness and a ready-made family with Amber and Jai. Jai left a few weeks ago along with his mother Amber Simmons when she couldn't cope with Dean Thompson anymore. Willow is stuck in the middle of everyone. Martha is harbouring a secret. Nikau is forced to break his familys cycle with running from police. Ryder shares a shock revelation with Owen. Roo comes face-to-face with her past. This week on Home and Away, Dean (Patrick OConnor) is surprised by Karens (Georgia Adamson) response to the news that she cant see Jai (River Jarvis). While Ari can sympathise, having lost Chloe from his life for years thanks to his stupid decision making, he can see it from Ambers point of view, and tells Dean that she deserves more. Gemma and Ari panic when they assume that Nikau is in trouble with the law. yellowbrick scholarship reviews. "What a ride," he posted on his feed. Ryder searches for more out of life. Ari doesnt want Mackenzies pity. Mac confesses her feelings. It took an intervention from Willow to bring Amber back, after she convinced her that Dean was in a much better place now he no longer had Colbys trial weighing on his mind. Colbys recklessness continues. Jasmines behaviour towards Grace becomes intense. Bella gives Mackenzie her blessing. Get the latest BTTB updates and Home and Away news first by following us on Twitter. An ambulance is called to the hangi. We're looking forward to seeing where his character goes in future! Leah gets back to a normal life. Colbys trial begins with a bombshell. When you're working for 12 hours a day, sometimes that's a nice energy to have and spend your day with. He doesnt know if he can deal with losing Jai all over again. Jasmine and Tori clash over Grace. Aris attempt to set Mackenzie straight doesnt go to plan. Dean is smiling widely too, before whispering to Ziggy: "I love you.". All his life the River Boy has craved stability and now he finally has it. Colby does a payback prank. Nikau is struggling with Gemmas decisions. Instead of exploding as he thought, his mum is surprisingly calm and accepts Ambers (Madeleine Jevic) decision. Tension mounts for Bella and Colby. Maggie tries to make amends. An old face shows back up in the bay. Meanwhile, Amber finds solace in John Palmer. Mackenzie meets a stranger. Angelo makes a discovery about Bella. Then, she finally asks Dean the question shes been dreading. Colby lashes out at Ziggy. In tonights Aussie episode, Dean received a worried phone call from Karen, and, calming her down, explained to her that the reason that Ziggy wasnt picking up the phone was simply because she was in bed, sleeping. Amber clearly loves her son very much - the youngster took priority as she settled into Summer Bay. While Alf (Ray Meagher) takes a back seat and avoids the situation, finding it hard to believe anyone would vote for Palmer, Roo (Georgie Parker) expresses her concerns that John could actually win. As she continues to believe her son is back, she prepares a spare van in the caravan park and loads it with new clothes and shoes. He then invites her to a family dinner, and Felicity is delighted. He had seen Christian as an arrogant man who takes unnecessary risks, but now he has to let go of that image. John doesnt want Marilyn to be stressed. Owen makes the final decision. Leah and Justin are right where theyre supposed to be. Tori struggles to forgive herself. Alf is silent will Theos words make an impact or has the newcomer made his beef with Ryders (Lukas Radovich) granddad even worse? Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Soaps Facebook page and 'Follow' on our @soapscoop Twitter account. Dean can't stand the thought of being so far from his young son. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll email you once a week with the latest Alf and Martha enjoy their relaxed staycation. Ari gets an unwanted text. Fears grow as Justins future hangs in the balance. Jasmine struggles. Home and Away Spoilers Xander collapses on the beach, Home and Away Spoilers Tane threatens Nikau and Bellas happy ending, Home and Away airs Karen Thompsons return. Furious, Theo unleashes his anger on Alf when he sees him in the Diner everyone knows that Alf has been looking for someone to blame for Ryders coffin disaster, and Theo was a good target. Jasmines anguish is undeniable. The Stewarts rally around Ryder to support him in his case against Jade. However, the biggest shock was for Dean, as she revealed she had a son, and it was his! Justin and Tori clash over his decision. "But they stayed really true to the story and as the storyline pans out, it gets quite complicated. She soon realises shes overreacted, but when she explains herself to Dean, she admits that while she accepts theres nothing actually going on between him and Ziggy, she knows that shell never live up to what they had. Leah is hellbent on finding Susie, no matter the cost. When John sides with Susie, Marilyn is forced to walk away. Newcomer Mali is set to run the board shop and Deans surf classes. Colby refuses to let Jasmine push him away too. Imogen Groome Friday 26 Mar 2021 1:56 pm. Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) first discovered she was pregnant back in September . Tonights Home and Away in Australia has seen the return of Deans mum Karen Thompson, just days before Ziggy is set to give birth. Youre one click away from getting the latest Home and Away and Neighbours spoilers every weekend, totally free! He says it was the right thing to do, and begins turning on the charm. Hes terrified that hes about to lose his kid, but Amber promises him that its different this time, and she has no intention of locking him out of Jais life. A mysterious letter arrives for Martha. Roo and Owen try to build a friendship. Maggie gives Ben one last chance to explain. They had a number of hookups during their time in Mangrove River, but it never led to anything more or so Dean thought. Nikaus lapse in judgement could change his life forever. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. Marilyn and John refuse to accept reality. Mac is torn between Ari and Tane. Ziggy wont back down. Now is the time to be supported, not push people away, The blows keep coming for the Paratas as Ari is denied bail in custody and Mia realises she will never get her dream wedding. Dean makes a rash decision. As Maddy Jevic and River Jarvis leave for most likely the final time, Patrick OConnor took to Instagram to pay tribute to his little co-star.

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